Apex, North Carolina


Guest Speakers

We've had many wonderful Guest Speakers at the Apex Kiwanis Club meetings. Here are a few:


Commander Stanley "Chris" Dickerson, 11/5/14



John Welch, 11/5/14

  • Urban Ministires of Wake County, Director of Development
    http://www.urbanmin.org | 919.256.2172 | jwelch@urbanmin.org
  • ARC of Wake County, Treasurer
  • The Cold War Museum, Co-founder and Board Chair
  • Coffee House, Volunteer leader
    -  Social program for developmentally delayed teens and adults
  • I/DD Lighthouse project, Volunteer


Tom Henderson, 10/1/14

  • Kiwanis, Member of Div 12 Club Counselors
  • Wake Forest Kiwanis Club, President 
  • Ray of Hope Camp, Founder



Bill Shelton, 9/24/14

  •  Kiwanis Lt Governor District 12, Carolina's Division




Tobi Bowen




Joe Navara




Dhawn Hansen




Dr. Megan Reed




Jacinta Johnson




Renee Ellmers, 10/8/14